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VS ALM Rangers Guidance: Test Automation, Planning, and Management Concepts

January 9, 2016

I’ve been in the Microsoft Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management Rangers program for almost five years now and am always proud to see our group contribute another valuable gem of real world guidance.

The Test Automation guidance provides practical test automation, planning and management of test plans/cases.

Test Automation is considered one of the five DevOps success factors that was discussed at the DevOps Enterprise Summit last fall.

Kudos to our Product owner (Gopinath Chigakkagari), development team (Bob Hardister, Hassan Fadili, Hosam Kamal, Oscar Garcia Colon, Patricia Wagner, Pierre Donyegro, Danny Crone, Darrin Rich, Baruch Frei, Ricardo Serradas, Rob Maher, Vladimir Gusarov, Ricardo Serradas, Case O’Mara, James Waletzky, Mike Douglas) and leader (Willy-P Schaub).

Check out the guidance, provide your feedback on the Rangers blog or contact us.

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