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ALM Rangers release PowerShell DSC guidance

October 21, 2014

This summer I was the project lead on the Microsoft Visual Studio ALM Rangers Desired State Configuration (DSC) guidance. Our product owner, Keith Bankston, describes PowerShell DSC very well in the forward:

“PowerShell DSC is a set of extensions to the PowerShell language that enable creating PowerShell functions that are repeatable, and by design scripts into are separated into components for repeatable actions, structural configuration, and environmental data. In PowerShell DSC, the separate components are called Resources, Configurations, Configuration Data. This separation of action from structure from data is a new way of scripting, and requires changes in thinking. PowerShell is new to most Developers, and the style of coding is new to experienced PowerShell users.”

Our guidance focuses on getting users familiar with PowerShell DSC:

  • For people new to PowerShell our guidance provides links learn about PowerShell
  • The guidance describes what DSC is and how utilize existing resources in the community to apply DSC concepts
  • In addition to the guidance we produced posters, walkthroughs and code examples

We appreciate your feedback.

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