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Performance Settings for Team Foundation Server Migrations

May 12, 2013

I’ve been asked in the past for advice on Team Foundation Server (TFS) migrations. As an ALM Ranger I included a section in the upgrade guidance that covered what you should plan for. Items that need to be considered in the environment for an upgrade:

Application tiers (AT)

  • How many processors does the AT have? Minimally I recommend 4 processors.
  • Do you have multiple ATs? Do they have the same number of resources? Migrations will run between multiple ATs and so they should have the same number of resources allocated to them.

SQL Server

  • How many processors? Minimally I recommend 4 processors.
  • Amount of RAM? If your TFS databases are more than 50GB you should have 8GB of RAM and adjust the RAM by 4GB for each increment of 50GB in database size.
  • How many of TempDB data files on the SQL Server? There should be one per processor.
  • What is the index fragmentation on the SQL Server for the TFS dbs? You should have less than 1% fragmentation on your table indexes.
  • Workspaces older than 6 months? You should delete any workspaces that are older than six months.
  • What is the MaxDoP on the SQL Server? I have seen that you can change it from the default of zero and could be set to half the number of processors in the SQL Server.
  • Do you have your TFS dbs on mountpoints? What is the speed of the disk the dbs are on? You can use Perfmon to montior disk speed. You should have 25ms or less disk access.
  • Is SQL Server memory pinned to 85% of memory in SQL Server? This should be standard on any SQL Server implementation.

These are just a few of my recommendations. I would be interested in hearing your experiences.

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