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Dear Dell, You’ve made one of the worst designed laptops I’ve ever seen

June 22, 2012

I don’t normally gripe however, I am so fed up with the XPS laptop

I bought from Dell last year that I don’t know if I will ever buy another one of their laptops again. I’ve been a loyal Dell purchaser/recommender for years however, the XPS L502X frustrates me. Two of the three USB ports stopped working after a few months. There is HDMI output for video only so you’re very limited in connecting it to a monitor, let alone an overhead projector. The hard drive is buried and inaccessible. My hard drive needs replacement and it escapes me how you can get into the machine to get at it. The display is awkwardly done and to me is prone to breaking in the future.

Maybe it’s my frustration with no having a usable laptop for two weeks only to get it back today and still not have it in a functional state without having to pave the drive. If any Dell engineer reads this post you really need to think about how you design your laptop. I should have returned it as soon as I received it. Hindsight 😦

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