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Microsoft ALM Summit: Recap

November 19, 2011

This was my first year at the Microsoft ALM Summit and am looking forward to going again next year. The Summit is an annual event held on the Microsoft campus over five days broken down into sessions and tracks. The first and last days were workshops that were an option you could pay for it you wanted and were led by recognized experts.

Most of the sessions that make up the core three days were led by Microsoft product managers and offered a good deal of insight into what the future of Team Foundation Server/Visual Studio has to offer. The audience of the Summit is developers, managers and project managers who use ALM (application lifecycle management) practices with their teams and clients.

The sessions covered

  • New features coming out in TFS11/VS11 and how these can be applied
  • ALM and TFS in the Cloud
  • Agile approaches, challenges and processes
  • Software development practices

The Summit was well put together, provided access to Microsoft product managers you wouldn’t think would be possible and gave attendees the opportunity to discuss with their peers how they approach their ALM challenges.

I’d highly recommend the Summit next year 🙂

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