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Book Review: 101 Windows Phone 7 Apps, Volume I

May 14, 2011

Thanks to a very nice Publicist at Pearson Education I received a copy of Adam Nathan’s 101 Windows Phone 7 App, Volume I to review. I have to say, kudos to Adam Nathan.  If you have been looking to get started or accelerate your current WP7 development I highly recommend his book. I’ve been wanting to get traction with WP7 development and have been going through blog posts but, wasn’t making progress as fast as I had hoped. When I received this book and started going through the contents I felt that finally I had a great resource. Adam has done an excellent job of providing a well organized book and example applications. The content was broken down into nine parts:
1. 11 applications with core functionality every WP7 application will have
2. Eight applications where you use animations and transformations
3. Six applications that save and retrieved that saved data
4. Four applications that used charts and panorams
5. Four applications that incorporated sound
6. Three applications that allowed you to use the built-in microphone
7. Seven applications that incorporated gestures
8. Seven applications that used the accelerometer
9. An Appendix

An Appendix? Every book has that. Well, I think the cross referencing Adam did between that item and where it is at was done quite well. An example is the Gesture Listener. Looking it up I can see is appears in four example chapters: Darts, Deep Zoom Viewer, Jigsaw Puzzle and Spin the Bottle. Rather than just page numbers I know the subject area of the section to go look at.

I found the way questions and tips placed throughout each chapter worked very well.

As a testament to the ease of using this book to begin WP7 programming I had our 15 year old son who is learning C# take a look at it. He was able to select a chapter and application to get started with.

I was also impressed with SAMS Publishing for the visualizations in the book. The use of colors, images and sidebars made the book very easy to read. To get a glimpse into what I am referring to you can check out Adam’s blog at

Although it is a big book at 1,130 pages one should think they are going to drown in content. It is a very well done book.

I’m looking forward to getting Volume 2 and increasing my WP7 development skills 🙂

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