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TFS 2010 Hosting with DiscountASP.NET

April 18, 2011

I’ve had my TFS 2010 hosting account with DiscountASP.NET now for 30 days and have been impressed with the service. There haven’t been any problems with accessing the server and the reliability has been great. I was able to get in and set up users, create Work Items, check in code, create branches…. all of the expected functionality for $20/month. Team Web Access is included with your account too. I knew going in that the build service wasn’t available so CI wasn’t going to be an option but, that is acceptable.

Urban Turtle is a new Scrum add-on @ $5/month / user. I admit that I have a license for Urban Turtle but, haven’t had an opportunity to put it through it’s paces to warrant adding it to my account.

I would like to see the additional users be a little cheaper or at least work it out that people who don’t check in code get charged at a lower rate. One can hope.

All in all I would recommend them for SCM. Github is an option but, I’m a TFS guy. I’ve created a Github account and will be trying that out soon.

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